• This turnbuckle has an open body providing a rustic or industrial appearance for that timeless look, ideal fasteners for projects requiring tensioners or turnbuckles for stainless steel wire rope.
  • The welded eye and the open hook, allow these fasteners easily adjust on a secured post or frame, and can be attached to a saddle or lag screw eye.
  • Turnbuckles use both right-hand and left-hand threads, these allow the body of the open turnbuckle to easily provide tension to your wire rope, without bending or stretching the wire.
  • Tighten the body of the open turnbuckle by rotating the body clockwise untill tensioned to your needs.
  • The welded eye end of the turnbuckle is easily fastened to a saddle.

↓ ID19009 Open Body Hook and Eye Turnbuckle

↓ ID19010 Closed Body Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckle

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