We are excited to be a part of the industry and have the opportunity to help bring this innovative and innovative process to other countries. The opportunity to be able to help build the industry’s reputation and to share our expertise with all the other countries that the industry may work in could go a long way toward boosting global sales and attracting new markets for our products.

From precision casting process, you get quality parts with affordable cost.
We are precision casting company, most of our products are manufactured from casting, they are customized according to customer’s own drawings or samples, the order schedule as following.
1.Inquiry: you send us the drawing or sample, the 2D drawings are necessary for us to check the dimension tolerance and flatness. The 3D drawings can be files of STP/STEP, IGS, DWG, DXF, SLDASM, please also tell us the material model, surface treatment, estimated quantity and other necessary information.
2.Communicate: our engineers will study your drawings and give our proposals. If you only supply sample, we will duplicate the drawing according to your original sample.
3.Quote: when all necessary information supplied, or the drawing confirmed, we will quote price for you, including mold price, unit price and shipping cost. Normally, the quotation will be sent within 24 hours.
4.Molding and sample: it needs around 7-10 days to make mold, after that, pre production sample will be made for you confirm. Before sample sent, we will firstly to evaluate it, mold will be amended if needed.
5.Bulk production: when sample confirmed, bulk production begin, production schedule will be sent weekly for you to know the production status.
6.Shippment: no matter sea shipping, air shipping or courier shipping, you will get reasonable price from our experienced cargo forwarder, or you can use own forwarder to arrange shippment.
7.After-sales service: any issues will be given highly attention. Long-term cooperation is our goal.

Advantages of investment casting

Affordable tooling

Investment casting requires less expensive equipment which allows for costs to remain low.

Faster production

Investment casting cut down on labor time and produce quicker lead times because it greatly reduces the amount of machining required after casting.

Tight tolerances

Investment casting hold tighter tolerances, which reduces the amount of machining required. The standard tolerance is +-.005 per inch.

Smooth finish

Investment casting uses a ceramic or steel mold that can produce a much smoother finish, typically averaging 125 RA surface finish as cast.

Vast size range

Investment casting allows for both large and small casts. Intricate, miniature parts that are 1/10 of an ounce or less can be cast, and also large parts up to 50 pounds can be cast.

Material variety

There are a variety of materials that can be used for investment casting which range from stainless steel, bronze, and even aluminum.